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Capricorn some of these are true about me, I love Saturdays the most, I wear garnet everyday, and have always been fond of Saturn. Also I feel Tireless, or at least, moving on.

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Pathways by Carl D’Agostino

This is ridiculously true. Capricorns see what they want and know immediately that they'll get yep

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Haha, this is so true, someone moans, ''Do you have a better idea?...No? Well then shut up and go along with the plan.''

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All true, especially the "being made fun of" part. When people try 2 joke I still take it seriously, even if I know it's only a joke. One of my flaws as a Capricorn

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Capricorn - I don't put a lot of stock into zodiac stuff, but it's interesting to me how accurate it can be sometimes ;)

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