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only picture I have actually liked of a Capricorn For more about #Capricorn visit:

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Quote on mental health: She was like the moon...part of her was always hidden.

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~*CAPRICORN *~ Known for their practical approach, the Capricorn natives apply their intelligence and logic and take into account all the facts before making any decisions.These people are mature, sensible and don’t get carried away by fantasies. Their friends have faith in their judgment and frequently seek their advice.

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Capricorn Constellation Art Print

Capricorn Constellation Art Print by Fercute. Worldwide shipping available at Just one of millions of high quality products available.

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As a child I was always told that "Sarcasm is the Lowest form of Wit" and consequently I've been careful over the years of where I use it and against whom. However I think it is absolutely justified in any form when used against the pathetic and doomed European Union. I shall forever hammer the EU until it is finally obliterated! jp.

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Artist: Janie Olsen. Me: A Korean dream - cozied up with goats, April 2016.

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