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Sesame Street: Capoeira Dance Class-A boy tries capoeira for the first time.

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Capoeira Dance as Workout

A high-energy, play-filled and musical workout, capoeira classes are the ideal way to learn capoeira because many of the moves are labor intensive and...


Born To Capoeira Dance Forced To Work Cake Pick

The Brazilian - Brazil ♪♫ ♪♫ #dance


Maculele Abada Capoeira Mons e Namur set 2008. This dance fight reminds of the Pilipino Martial Arts called Arnis.

Rio (as in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... land of the Amazon, Samba & Capoeira dances, then, of course, the super festive celebration of CARNIVAL!)

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Capoeira Fighting Dance Women T-Shirt

Capoeira Fighting Dance Women T-Shirt

Rio de Janeiro Shore Excursion: Plataforma Samba Show While at port in Rio, experience year-round Carnival at a Plataforma Show in Leblon. You’ll be mesmerized by professional drummers and costumed samba dancers during a night performance that celebrates the cultural roots of Brazil. See the stage from prime seating and watch hip-shaking samba and spinning capoeira (a Brazilian martial art and dance form) accompanied by live percussion. Upgrade your shore excurs...

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Capoeira The Fighting Dance Women Hoodie

Fighting Dance,Dance Women,Capoeira,Women Hoodie

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Capoeira The Fighting Dance Women T-Shirt

Fighting Dance,Dance Women,Capoeira