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Grandma Grumney's Canned Italian Hot Pepper Rings

This is a very lovely recipe that my husband's grandmother gave to me to add to my canning list. My husband grew up on Grandma Grumney's canned olive oil and garlic peppers and just loves them. I grew up canning my grandma's peppers in tomato sauce. Which my husband also loves. So every year.... I do lots of canning with peppers straight from our garden! Sweet or Hot! :) Posting this now because I use these peppers in several of my recipes. Just a quick note: The longer these peppers sit…

Most years we go through our garden fresh peppers pretty quick and never seem to have enough peppers. We use them on sandwiches, to make ...

Canning Peppers for the Husband-You HAVE to make these because you CANNOT find them in store with out Yellow Dye! Gross!


Italian canned pickled hot peppers

These fantastic Canned Pickled Hot Peppers fresh from the garden last long in the pantry and are great for a summer treat in the winter.

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How to Bottle Sauces

Bottle and Sell your Own Hot Sauce! #food #DIY #infographics


Homemade hot pepper rings. This pickled pepper recipe is an easy and tasty way to preserve a bounty of hot peppers. Make a small batch to keep in the fridge or hot water bath the full recipe to have jars of hot pepper rings available for #giftgiving or for your enjoyment all year long. Good recipe for any hot pepper - jalapeno, cayenne, banana pepper, etc.


Walnut Spinney: Pickled pepperoncini peppers or hot banana peppers Best walkthrough I've found yet.


Hot apple and chilli jelly recipe - works beautifully every single time!!


What to do with all of those peppers in the garden? Here is a simple and easy method to use up all of those hot peppers – make fresh hot pepper flakes.   We love them on pizza, eggs, or