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Grilled mackerel with lemon and garlic

We love the crispy, smoky skin & juicy, flavourful flesh of this delicious grilled mackerel! Packed with Omega 3, it's a healthy family favourite dinner.

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Peppered mackerel fish cakes

Peppered mackerel fish cakes. Made these for tea in an emergency and turned out great!

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Smoked mackerel and giant couscous salad

This smoked mackerel and giant couscous salad is packed full of good-for-you ingredients and can be ready in less than 30 minutes -

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Spaghetti with sardines

Sardine spaghetti 400g spaghetti 1 tbsp olive oil 2 garlic cloves, crushed pinch chilli flakes 227g can chopped tomato...

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Peppered mackerel & potato bake

Peppered mackerel & potato bake recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food. Swap the double cream for crème fraiche to make it low fat.

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Kedgeree. Fresh parsley is good 100g of rice maybe 80g Fillet of smoked haddock 1 egg. Half or even quarter spices Keep milk for omelettes or sauces

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Rum and Raisin Fudge

Rum and raisin fudge - 3 tbsp rum 100g (4oz) raisins (soaked in the rum for 1 hour) 397g can sweetened condensed milk 100g (4oz) butter 500g (1lb 2oz) light muscovado sugar 30cm/8in sq tin lined with baking parchment or foil

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Spiced mackerel on toast with beetroot salsa

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Basil & lemon chickpeas with mackerel

Basil & lemon chickpeas with mackerel recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

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