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Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Caramels. Way simpler instructions. Thanks for sharing! We are happy to be leading the movement that is sweeping across the country. Cannabis 24/7 365 days a year.

5 Weed Brownie Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind


STONY SPOONS by Magpie Medibles! The discreet way to medicate your coffee! Try Marshmallow Mocha or Caramel White Chocolate


Calculating Dosage: How Much THC is in Your Cannabutter (or Cannaoil)?

In the beginning of Wake & Bake, a lot of the questions I in my inbox sounded like this: I’ve got 10 grams of trim, an eighth of fire and some stems and leaves from my friend’s indo…


The Best Cannabis Chocolate-Chip Cookies. Hands down, this is the best cannabis chocolate chip cookie recipe on the web. It’s easy to make, and absolutely delicious. #edibles #weedbutter #cannabis @emjrecipes


Banana Cannabis Ice Cream (Vegan!) from the The Stoner's Cookbook ( AND AGAIN...


4 Easy Methods To Make Hashish

4 Easy Methods To Make Hashish - Best Seed Bank