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Canadian Pipeline

A Native American tribe from the northeast shore of Lake Michigan is trying to halt the approval of a multi-million-dollar settlement between Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge, Inc., and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. And it is using arguments similar to those made by a Sioux tribe in its campaign against a North Dakota oil pipeline that has so far succeeded in stopping construction.

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The Canadian pipeline (almost) everyone hates gets a go-ahead

Canadian Government Targeting Opponents of New Oil Sands Pipeline. Environmental groups in Canada say they are now operating within a culture of fear aimed at silencing legitimate democratic dissent. From the article: "Ed Whittingham, executive director of the Pembina Institute, said any attempt to limit foreign funding could affect Canada's entire charitable sector. Pembina is a nonprofit think tank that promotes sustainable energy."

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An acquisition to form one of the world's largest energy infrastructure companies will make bankers nearly $100 million

WALL STREET PAYDAY: Banks are going to make close to $100 million on one of the biggest deals of the year

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The Long Search for the Missing Child Brides of a Mormon Polygamist Sect

Mildred Marlene Blackmore, Warren Jeffs' 13-year-old Canadian child-"bride". The daughter of Brandon J. Blackmore, she was known as "Young Millie", to avoid confusion with Millie Jessop. The Mounties are trying to find Mildred Marlene Blackmore, Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Colleen Blackmore.

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In battle over new Canadian pipeline, it’s Trudeau vs. tribes

In battle over new Canadian pipeline its Trudeau vs. tribes


Toronto Star

If Keystone gets nixed, Canadian pipeline operators have a Plan B: Olive - For environmentalists lobbying against the Keystone XL pipeline through the U.S., a made-in-Canada option might pose a bigger problem.


39 species in the Great Bear region - including killer whales and sea otters - are listed as threatened, endangered, or special concern by the Committee on the Status of Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). It's no place for an oil pipeline or oil tankers. Find out more: #Petition