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Greyfriars Cemetery. Agreed by many to be the most haunted cemetery in the entire world....scratches, faintings, people getting horribly sick...something very dark is said to be there...sometimes paramedics stand outside the gates once tours are going on...


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Wenchrrg. Wolves with uncanny intelligence that stalk dear and such animals Run in packs. Near the beginning of the third age, they were ruthlessly cut down and driven into the less inhabited northern provinces. Now their skill and intelligence is merely legend to those who have never seen them.

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Davos and Ghost prepare to fight for Jon Snow's dead body in GOT clip

Dog not gone: The extended version reveals that the Onion Knight is not fighting the men present over the body - they are preparing to defend it, with the help of the late Lord Commander's direwolf Ghost, whom fans will be relieved to see yet lives

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In search of Henry VIII's final queen: Sudeley Castle, and the sad story of Katherine Parr

In search of Henry VIII's final queen: Sudeley Castle, and the sad story of KATHERINE PARR, his last wife. she died from childbirth complications in September 1548 – having married Sir Thomas Seymour (an old flame with whom she had enjoyed a brief earlier relationship) within six months of the Henry VIII's death. She was just 36 years old.

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