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Campari & soda

This Italian grapefruit liqueur is bitter on first sip, but with orange slices and plenty of ice there isn't a refresher like it

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The Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz - this gorgeous refreshing cocktail only uses 3 simple ingredients and takes 2 minutes to make!!! YES!

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Campari is often used in cocktails and is commonly served with soda water or citrus juice, or with prosecco as a spritz!

Camparisoda / 5x9.8cl

A pack of five bottles of premixed Campari and Soda, inventively named ‘Camparisoda‘. This classic mixed long drink is perfect served over ice as a refreshing thirst quencher.

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Bartending in Milan

Spring Cocktail - Hendrick's Gin, Basil leaves, Campari, Angostura bitter, Soda water

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