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Who Is Your Minor Greek Godly Parent?

Cabin 13!! Hahah yes. Where we have the best McDonalds parties and hang with the dead!!!<<<<Cabin 13, I'm less excited about it because there is basically no one to nerd out with

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Which cabin at camp half blood do you belong in?

The cabins at Camp Halfblood, not actually how it's set up though. There's a whole other area for the new cabins, if I recall correctly.

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"Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus" by aquatic-angel ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Hallhuber, PLDM by Palladium, Alberta Ferretti, Gioelli, Allurez, Chicnova Fashion, Demonia, BillyTheTree, Edge Only and NIKE

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Hey guys anybody wanna rp? (And actually stay? Please I have a story for my rp character and she's going to be claimed)

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Not saying that this is what it has to look like, but these are the cabin descriptions from the books

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Cabin numbers. Which cabin is yours? Aphrodite! (Or more likely I'd be a legacy decended from Aphrodite, Apollo and Dionysus. Aphrodite for love/fashion/etc. Apollo for music and poetry and Dionysus for acting/theatre)

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Run a Fake Camp Half Blood

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