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Now that I'm settled into my new 4200 sq. ft. studio, I have a ton of space. However, that wasn't always the case; in a smaller space, organization was the key to sanity. Tripping over gear and frantically searching for grip equipment is frustrating and doesn't look good in front of clients. I believe if you have an organized workspace that organization will be reflected in your mood while on set, allowing you to stay calm, cool, and collected. In this video, I show you four tips to…


DIY Photography Hacks: creative lighting accessories you can make in your kitchen

DIY photography hacks: creative lighting accessories you can make in your kitchen Also lentil bag avoid camera shake


13 Accessories That Should Be in Every Landscape Photographer's Camera Bag

Want to know which accessories you should have as a landscape photographer? Here is a list of the most important ones.


Beginner camera equipment

A great list of beginner camera equipment when you first start shooting manual and when you want to take your photos to the next level! - Laughing Latte