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Cam Newton Child


NFL Honors: Former Auburn QB Cam Newton wins rookie of the year awards

My future child will be named: Cam Newton Cann. (I see some of you shaking your head no way will my wife let me do that, but she will, because if she loves me, she loves cam newton more)


In this tumultuous campaign season, one leader has risen above the rest: Cam Newton. And if elected, the Carolina Panther's Quarterback promises a Touchdown Football for *every* child.


Meet NFL Superstar CAM NEWTON'S Girlfriend . . . She's PRETTY . . . Green Eyes . . . FAT AZZ . . . And SMART . . . But There's ONE PROBLEM WITH HER!! (Fellas Could YOU Wife Her??) -™ 2014

from MadameNoire

Why Are People So Offended By Cam Newton's Joyful "Dab"?

After a Tennessee mom criticized Newton for doing "The Dab" in front of her child on Sunday, we're over people trying to halt Black folks' jubilation.


Cam Newton and Adrian Peterson. Glad my Panthers finally got a victory but you can't help but feel for Adrian's loss. Losing a child is something I hope I never go through.


The North Carolina Cheesehead Banner Has Been Replaced -- Well, that's a huge relief. The Carolina Panthers have reportedly replaced the banner that was ripped from Packers fan Mike Dobs' hands by Cam Newton.