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Calvin and Hobbes Christmas Eve poem. This gets me, every time.


Calvin and Hobbes, Christmas! - The best presents don't come in boxes. I'll treasure this one forever.

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Cute Calvin and Hobbes Christmas decorations in the front yard

The Calvin & Hobbes snowmen collection is EPIC and an all-time favorite of mine, so when I spotted this Calvin & Hobbes Christmas yard display, I had to share it. Enjoy! I love it when people break out of the plastic Santa mold. Don’t you? 😀 [via Reddit]

Calvin and Hobbes, DE's CLASSIC PICK of the day (8-30-14) - Not so hard, you big sissy. You squeeze my tears out. C&H, the best of friends...


Calvin and Hobbes, Christmas! - I'M SORRY! | Not as sorry as you're GOING to be! | I think as long as you SUFFER for you sins, they don't count.

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Calvin & Hobbes

I imagine that I will take all my parenting cues from Calvin and Hobbes My parents totally did this to my sister and I. It really did build character :)


Calvin and Hobbes QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I'd hate to have a kid like me.” ― Bill Watterson, The Authoritative Calvin And Hobbes .


calvin and hobbes snowmen | Thread: Calvin and Hobbes snowmen... how creative are YOUR snowmen?

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"Star Wars" Characters Brilliantly Reimagined As "Calvin And Hobbes"

Story artist Brian Kesinger is back with even more adorable images of characters from The Force Awakens depicted as characters from ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. h/t