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Here is a chart of the calories burned by different exercises during workouts. Included are aerobics, bicycling, golf, karate, tae kwan do, kick boxing, judo, racquetball, rowing, running, stationary cycling (spinning), swimming, tennis, walking, and yoga. The calories burned for each exercise are listed by body weights between 100 and 240 pounds. Take a look and plan your workout!

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The 300-Calorie-Burning Walking-Jogging Workout

A walk/run workout that will help you burn some serious calories! Torch about 300 calories by following our guide!

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400-Calorie-Burning Walking Interval Workout

400-Calorie-Burning Walking Interval Workout I don't know I'd want to devote 50 minutes to the treadmill though...


Yes, you can lose weight by walking! This table shows how many calories you burn (based on your weight) at a 3.0mph walking pace. Get a pedometer and try to shoot for 10,000 steps a day, roughly 5 miles. See how many calories you burn!

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How to Walk to Burn Calories and Lose Weight

Calories burned per mile by walking (includes a chart based on how fast you're going and how much you weigh)