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Caladium Garden


6 Tips for Growing Caladiums in Zones 5-7

Caladiums are not just for southern gardens. Here are some tips and tricks for enjoying these colorful foliage plants in zones 5, 6 and 7.


Fatsia japonica 'Spider's Web' - This new fatsia is primarily grown for its handsome foliage, which looks as though it has been variously been dusted with icing sugar. It makes a wonderful specimen, particularly when planted near white-flowering plants that compliment the leaf variegations. It can also be used to help add light and colour to areas or lightly dappled shade.


Caladiums are so beautiful in the garden.


Plant Profile: Caladium "gingerland" -


Caladium 'Moonlight'. This caladium would really light up the interior of a shade garden. The great advantage of pot-grown caladiums is that you can move them when nights become chilly in fall, bring them indoors and keep in a sunny window, until the leaves begin to wither. At that point, let them dry out completely. Collect the tubers, shake off the soil, and stash them in old hosiery or a mesh bag for up to five months keep tubers above 60 degrees


Shade Garden Plants 1.Sweet Woodruff 2.Cotton Candy Grass 3. Bigroot Geranium 4. Impatiens 5. Fuchsia 6. Coral Bells 7. Coleus 8. Catnip 9. White Queen Caladium 10. Lobelia 11.Feverfew 12.Bleeding Heart 13.Toad Lily 14.Meadowsweet 15.Miss Indigo Primrose 16.Astilbe 17.Pulmonaria (Lungwort) 18.Yellow Corydalis 19.Celandine Wood Poppy 20.Hellebore

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Agapanthus Flowers: Tips For Growing Agapanthus Plants

I love Agapanthus. Saw them everywhere in Cornwall - looked stunning. They don't look quite as good as this in my garden- yet!


Cyclamen Coum - winter planting - I want some of these for my garden but may need to create more shade


White and silver flowers light up an evening garden...Front to back: Dusty Miller (Senecio), Miscanthus gracillimus (grass), Caladiums, Spiderflower (Cleome), Hydrangea paniculata (a cultivar such as Tardiva, Limelight, etc.)

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Gardening 101: Caladiums

How to Grow Caladiums...Caladium leaves can be shaped like hearts, arrows, or lances in color combinations of red, pink, rose, white, chartreuse, and green. The brilliant foliage of this classic plant is often translucent, which makes them light up your garden. They’ve brightened shady spots for generations, but now you have the option of newer selections that can take some direct sun.