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Cajun Microwave

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Ribs on the Cajun Microwave

Never heard of a Cajun microwave? Neither had we, until a friend gave my husband and I one for a gift.  We're pretty passionate grillers (both on the Big Green Egg and on the Weber), and this was a wonderful addition to our arsenal of cooking "appliances" that you fill with fire.

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Cajun Microwave Roasting Box

Cajun Microwave

Cajun Microwave - no need for a metal inner lining. This rig is da bomb.


Caja China / Cajun Microwave Cuban Pig Roast Recipe

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Slow cooker cajun chicken

Slow cooker cajun chicken, a great family recipe, takes less than 10 minutes to prepare in the morning and for the easy win, just serve with microwave rice and shop bought slaw | Daisies & Pie


Finally finished my Cajun Microwave. It's a beauty! Broke it in this weekend and cooked a 50 lb pig. Yum!

Converted Cajun Microwave into a smoker using the SmokeDaddy.


Jamaican Recipes - 10 Most Treasured Jamaican Cooking Recipes (Jamaica Cookbook) -

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Microwave jambalaya

Microwave jambalaya I dont cook in the microwave but use the recipe on the stove