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Pie & mash is a traditional London working-class food, originating in London's East End. Pie, mash & eel shops have been in London since the 19th century & are still common in south & east London, & many parts of Kent & Essex. The shops may serve either or both steamed & jellied eels. M. Manze in Peckham have been serving this dish since 1902.

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New chapter in the history of the Bronte birthplace... as a cafe

The Bröntes painted by their brother, Branwell (c.1834). He later removed himself from the painting (resulting in the "column" between the girls).

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Hemingway's Paris

Paris 5e - Shakespeare and Company Bookstore - 37 Rue de la Bûcherie


French composer and pianist Éríc Âlfred Leslie Sâtíe (1866-1925) was a colourful figure in early 20th-century Parísían avánt-gärde. His work was a precursor to later artistic movements such as minimalism, repetitive music, and the Ṱheatre of the Âbsurd. An eccentric, he was introduced as a 'gymnopaëdist' (he also referred to himself as a 'phonometrician' - meaning someone who measures sounds) in 1887, shortly before writing his famous ¾ time compositions, the 'Gymnopédies'.

Jaffé & Neale Bookshop and Café (Chipping Norton - Cotswolds) - Oxfordshire, South East England - -