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This is an example of the bystander effect. The people walking in this video have several reasons not to help them man lying on the ground. The reasons range from giving excuses for his behavior ("he's drunk"), which to them is not a really important reason to help him, to putting the responsibility on others ("I'm sure someone else will handle it").

What Is the Bystander Effect?

When someone needs help, we all can draw on our inner courage to be heroes. The “bystander effect” refers to the principle that bystanders are less likely to help someone in need when there are others around than when they are the only witness.  

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In which Lindsey talks about having a big mouth and why that's sometimes really, really important. You can support Sexplanations directly by going to https:/...

Absorbing the Bystander Effect: A Social Psychological Phenomenon

Bystander Effect: If You Need Help, You’d Better Ask For It -

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The Bystander Effect: What Would You do?

The Bystander Effect: What Would You do? ->!! Being aware of the bystander effect reduces your sucseptability to it <- Everyone should be aware of this.