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Home-made bee hotels help to create a habitat in your garden and work to preserve this dwindling species.


DIY Bumble Bee Nest | Make Your Own Bee Nest


Why not encouraging more bees in your garden by creating a bee hotel? Thanks Julie Sutton for the picture!


Nosema is caused by one cell parasite called nosema apis.  Once it gets into the bee it starts multiplying so that it splits in two.  It is actually eating bee from the inside, and when had enough it splits.  Then again each organism splits in two and so on.  Eventually what happens is that bees defecate more and more often, trying to clean themselves because parasite is attacking their digestive system.  If they have no time to do it outside of the hive they will do it anywhere, inside of the h


honey bees! My friend Maggie raises them, her and Michael are Beekeepers :)