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Private Number Plates has over 45 million private, personalised, cherished & DVLA plates from £29! You are sure to find your perfect number plate with us.

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26 Beautiful Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

Blackboard paint tree slices for natural mark making on the go. Great outdoor mark making idea. Kiddies could do this before working in their sketchbook. A basket of these for children to take out and explore.


Coral formations. German biologist and philosopher, Ernst Haeckel, mid 19th c. This is a black and white plate illustrating the beautifully detailed forms of a number of corals, from his Kunstform der Natur.


Lego clock! Drill hole in square green base plate, add clock mechanism and add favorite blocks for numbers

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License Plate Shirt Tank Top TShirt Top – size S M L XL

Supernatural License Plate Shirt Supernatural Shirts Tank Top TShirt Top Softly Women – size S M L on Etsy, $14.99


PhotoBlocker UK - BUY Photo Blocker Number Plate Spray For Speed Camera

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London cab driver buys number plate to sum up his feelings for Uber

Martin Eley, splashed out on a private registration plate with the symbols UBR' to sum up his feelings towards app service Uber (pictured)

Ron: Who do you think that is? Hermione: Professor R. J. Lupin. Ron: Do you know everything? Ron: How is it she knows everything? Hermione: It's on his license plate, Ronald. Ron: Oh.

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The Monroe House Numbers

Cut metal house numbers. This one's from Etsy and looks close to a lot of the high-design jobbies flying around. It'd be easy to reproduce with the help of your local iron working shop. What? Doesn't everyone have one of those down the street?