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I had this as a little Girl..and then was able to buy it for my was such a lovely Comic..with a Cut out doll every week too...

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How Marvel smuggled Doctor Who into the Avengers

How Marvel smuggled Doctor Who into the Avengers. Not sure if its real but still fun to think about it!

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The funniest and best Harry Potter, Snape, Voldemort, and Dumbledore meme pictures!

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Clint Barton | hawkeye--------- but guys, we caught a tiny glimpse of this in AoU, just imagine what CW is gonna be like

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The Beano. My mother used to buy me lots of comics and comic annuals. She thought that the more I read, of anything, the better.

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If I was mega rich, I would so do that. I would go into restaurants and buy everybody's meal once a month. I would actually be a good person about it, unlike most of the mega rich people. I told my mom if I ever win the lottery the first thing I'm doing is buying a bunch of jelly bellies and that says a lot I think. I also want to go to Disney world because I've never been

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