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Colorado Honey Bud; This “Honey Bud” is a nug of golden goat dipped in Butane Hash Oil (BHO). It makes the hash oil more easy to handle.

from Mail Online

This is your brain on drugs: Adventurous artist draws dozens of bizarre self-portraits while high on various powerful narcotics

In 'Butane Honey Oil' a mechanical instrument is drawn into his head, in place of his brain, a self-satisfied smile on his lips, his eyes closed-Saunders


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Honey Bee Extractor. The Honey Bee Extractor is a quick and easy way of making super strong oil from your plant matter. It makes the most of every part of the plant that may otherwise have been wasted. Specs: 140mm x 45mm; Screw top lid; Suitable for use with all standard butane gas (lighter gas) cans; Includes 2 x filter screens. For more information please click the link or visit


Maui honey buds infused butane hash oil shit looks amazing


bho (butane hash oil), a medicinal marijuana product extracted from the plant and concentrated into a smokable oil. also an adjective to describe the mind state of those who smoke bho or "dabs"

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