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If you're making changes in your business, whether it be to the processes themselves or to the IT systems, it's a good idea to think about mapping out the processes so that you don't miss any of the impacts of the change you are making. #projectmanagement

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Integrate pain points documentation with customer experience map. Might work per division, but has to differ per process and definitely couldn't cover whole department.

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web design tips #webdesigntips #website #design tips

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Change Management Simplified! (Infographic) #goalsetting and #KPI Experts Follow us now on Twitter @jamsovaluesmart and see the latest news on

Change Management Simplified! (Infographic) #goalsetting and #KPI Experts Follow us now on Twitter @jamsovaluesmart and see the latest news on

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"Looking back at this project is a personal lesson in my own naivety. I’m a little embarrassed that this was the solution I came up with for the prompt: “create a poster that visualizes the creative process.” At the time, being relatively new to the field of design, I thought that the creative process was neat, orderly, and beautiful. Surely the process by which clearly understood systems and precise communications are created has those qualities inherent in itself, right?"

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Infographic about journey, in similar style to London Underground map with pictograms #ux #customerjourney
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We decided that PRINCE2 diagrams could do with a freshen up so we’ve created an easy to read, standardised set of diagrams covering the 7 PRINCE2 processes to help learn PRINCE2. Starting with the PRINCE2 Process Model and then breaking it down into each of the 7 processes.

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I argue against assigning judgmental (and possibly disrespectful) labels to stakeholder in my book The Influencer Agenda. But that part aside, this graphic nicely captures some key principles underpinning your stakeholder engagement strategy development. Nice.

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These Symbols are used in the creation of Business Process Flows / Flowcharts or Maps. They enable the process be read at one glance.. Check out our free training video on "Business Process Mapping. Easy, Handy" on Youtube.