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Bushmaster M-4, sold to men who want to feel like men. Also used by Adam Lanza to massacre a school in Conneticut. Let's talk about gun control sure. Let's talk about mental health, yes. Let's also talk about gender issues, like typographies of masculinity. Actually. It's time for change...across the board.

Bushmaster M-4...hear me out. I respect out countries history with guns, our constitutional rights and recreational shooting... Weapons like this are absurd for any one to possess. We are not living in Pakistan,Somalia,Libya, any war torn country that such weapon might be feasible to possess. This weapon was somehow possessed by a mentally unstable 20yr old boy. Why is that ok? Adam Lanza used this "bushmaster m-4" to slaughter tiny lives. Little angels. The terror they must have felt hurts.


My son-in-law: Got a little bored so I decided to do some painting. Had to muster up a lot of guts to do this to my Bushmaster. Used pine boughs for effects.

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