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This recipe turns traditional burrito bowls upside down! Crisp up cheesy tortillas for dipping into creamy pinto beans stewed with bell pepper, cilantro, a fragrant chorizo chili spice blend. And the ever-popular Rotel diced tomatoes! Sign up for Martha & Marley Spoon meal-kit deliveries to get recipes like this one sent to your door each week, along with fresh ingredients!

Strewth, this weather's totally batty! It's not only the humans who have lost their homes in the Australian floods

Baby bats at the Bat Clinic in Advancetown,Australia, which has helped at least 130 baby bats after the wet weather.

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Alphabet and Chipotle Are Bringing Burrito Delivery Drones to Campus

In what’s sure to be a college student’s dream come true, drones will soon be…

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Alphabet and Chipotle Are Bringing Burrito Delivery Drones to Campus

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Chipotle to test burrito delivery by drone

Chipotle to test burrito delivery by drone with Project Wing at Virginia Tech

Donkey with a bouquet sent by me for you. Thank you for following me and for your wonderful pins!

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Is this Alphabet's burrito-delivery drone hard at work? Read more Technology News Here --> Just a days after Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. announced plans to deliver food via drone on the Virginia Tech campus footage of what might be a lunch delivery has surfaced online. Jacob Demmit of the Roanoke Times captured what he says is footage of a drone delivering a package on campus in Blacksburg Virginia. The clip shot on Monday shows a drone lowering a…

DARPA wants an 'Aerial Dragnet' to monitor urban drone traffic

Conventional air traffic might be tightly controlled and monitored, but even with the new FAA regulations, drones and other unmanned aerial systems are mostly operating without any government...

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