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Giles #LFW. "In South African townships the i’khothane craze got teenagers burning designer clothes. They do it to prove that they're so rich that expensive possessions mean nothing."

from Etsy

Polymer clay earrings

Polymer clay earrings by AnarinaAnar on . Try design in felt, maybe with some seed bead embellishment and metal thread embroidery.


Little Boy by Saving Annabel Lee. "do I really mean so little to you! Just words and blood upon a page. Words from my heart and the blood the same, mixing with the ink to leave a stain. Upon my sleeve bandaged and damp with truths and hopes, inside I am trapped. My mind is my worse enemy and my soul is is burnt and gone. You the pretty roses and I the blackened thorns. Scared little boy! Go to sleep! Hide your damage, silently weep"