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We love this styling barrel...easy to use, creates beautiful spiral curls, and the plastic guard prevents burned fingers!!!

MUUTO created a design with a vent where the lit match securely travels down to the tealight so you don't burn your fingers.


Cute coasters. There's no tutorial, but it looks pretty simple; Imma try and recreate this. Fingers crossed it turns out just as cute!


Smoked salmon on tattie scones is the Scottish version of the traditional blinis classic but better!


Microwave bowl pads... multiple sizes, diy pattern. Super fast and easy to make... just in time for Christmas! Place the bowl in the potholder like bowl... microwave and you have built in pot holder/place mat! No more burned fingers!

Photo of the Day: A Baby Monkey at Bangkok's Tranvestite Cabaret

A tiny baby monkey sucking on a lady's ear. So precious. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just to see this!


Lavender Pyrography Wooden Notebook. Just a set of very nice photos on Flickr... BUT it does show you a very simple tip that a lot of people forget to do. If your going to wood burn flowers or plants you can get your fingers on the type you want to do (from your garden if you have one), then DO SO! That way your flowers, plants will be much more realistic. Using a reference in general is always helpful ;)