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Bioshock: you saved them. you gave them the one thing that was stolen from them – a chance. a chance to learn, to find love, to live. and, in the end, what was your reward? you never said, but i think i know – a family.


Royal Tomb House under St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle

Tomb of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville in St George’s Chapel, Windsor ...


Henry VIII's coffin. Sketch of the vault containing the coffins of Henry VIII, Charles I and Jane Seymour by Alfred Young Nutt, 1888. The coffin on the left is Charles I’s; in the middle, Henry VIII’s on the right, Jane Seymour’s. The vault is suited below a stone marking the site that is placed in the centre of the Quire in St George’s Chapel, Windsor. The vault was opened in 1813 with the Prince Regent (later George IV) present. A contemporary account describes the event.


The Prince Regent began the construction of a new burial vault in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. In 1813, during the excavation work for a passageway leading to this vault, workmen accidentally uncovered the tombs of Kings Henry VIII and Charles I. The Prince Regent instructed the royal physician, Sir Henry Halford, to examine the tombs and conduct an autopsy on the body of Charles I. George Cruikshank, who produced a satirical print for the occasion, Meditations amongst the Tombs.


burial places of scottish royalty | Stuart Royal Vault at Westminster Abbey; Photo Credit – www ...

The ceiling of Anne Boleyn's Gateway, Hampton Court Palace. The beautiful ceiling of Anne Boleyn's Gateway.


Plantagenet Burial Sites: The location of all the Plantagenets. Some burial sites were disturbed in the dissolution of church properties under Henry VIII (no respect for his elders!) or, in France, during the revolution. (This tomb is that of Berengaria of Navarre, queen of Richard the Lionheart.)

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Windsor Castle

St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle The burial site of King Henry VIII. The black slab in the aisle is the tomb marker of his vault, shared with Jane Seymour,

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Two centuries-old tombs unearthed beneath historic New York City park

The second, previously unknown burial vault contains about 20 wooden coffins.