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Time to Have a Laugh Again

I think I might make this into a tshirt. Soo funny! (can be true.)

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Three Billy Goats Gruff Craft

Kids will love making this fun Billy Goat craft to go along with the book, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. | from

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Photo (Undressed Skeleton)

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Bullying is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days when anything goes wrong between peers. It is our job to make sure students und...

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Wow. A true hero :) Want to see how well you are doing with your nutritional habits? Get your FREE No Obligation Wellness Evaluation TODAY!

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Life change- not going to tolerate rude abusive people anymore!!! I am worth far more than their worthless, trashy, useless words!!! It's too bad some people have to bully and put other people down just so they can feel better about themselves. PATHETIC!!!!! I am learning to not be such a people pleaser anymore. Rude people are toxic, and I have no room for them in my life!

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Who does this sound like?: Controlling BULLY Threatens and intimidates RAGES THROWS TANTRUMS Never accountable Hypocrit PROJECTS Arrogant Condescending Demands, commands, orders DOES NOT LISTEN KNOW IT ALL Charming, externally Entitled

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People who leave you out or purposely make you feel left out are using a form of bullying. It is also referred to as emotional abuse by exclusion.

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Smacking must be banned to bring UK into line with international law - report to UN insists

Emotional abuse causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as physical abuse.

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