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We May All Be Different… | Teaching Photos - When I become a teacher I will definitely be doing this in my classroom.


How to be a FRIEND poster set. Strategies in and out of the classroom. Being a good friend is an important--use these to reinforce skills. FREE


For anti-bullying month, my Grade 6 students decided to create an I-Phone 6 door. Seeing as how they were in Grade 6, this was a great idea. Each student created an app with an anti-bullying message that related.


Three Strategies for Building Classroom Culture and Stopping Bullying in Schools

The school year is winding to a close. (Insert applause and shouts of glee here.) For many, this is the "wrap it up" part of the year where proje...

I LOVE Brownies! 2nd-er, then a 6-er for sure! My Mom was Snowy Owl! Arm full of badges ~ Flew up to Girl Guides, not as much fun!


Effective Strategies to Prevent Bullying in Schools

It's incredibly hard to admit that our child might be a bully. It raises fear, anxiety, insecurity and even defensiveness. Here's what you need to know if your child bullies another kid.