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In other words I'm gonna walk away after bringing you down with every stinging word that comes out of my mouth

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Rebel Circus: I'm not the type to tiptoe through the tulips. I would rather bulldoze through the bullshit.

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If you think you're protecting someone's feelings by lying, you are sadly mistaken. I'm too old for that kind of nonsense. Get over yourself.

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This is for those who proclaim their love...but suddenly turn their backs on you. The absolute WORST type of person.

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Yup, and I am sick and tired of putting up with not enough of my needs being met. I have lost a lot, and I am sick and tired of waiting around for something that might never happen... since excuses keep being made. Children of abuse are able to put up with more inappropriate behavior, and I have waited fucking long enough. This is fucking bullshit.

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