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Even prior to breaking his left ring finger in Kansas City, Mo., on March 31, J.B. Mauney was dealing with troublesome thumb issues on both hands.


Professional Bull Riders: Guilherme Marchi, Shane Proctor, Douglas Duncan

JB Mauney Bull Rider | 2012 Professional Bull Riders Invitational at N.Y.C.'s Madison Square Garden


The heart-stopping moment a rodeo rider cheated death after his boot got caught in the rope of a raging bull

Injuries: Douglas Duncan tries to fend off Tremors Sunday while the day's event saw at least two reported injuries


5/20/1988: Champ bull rider Lane Frost became the first cowboy to ride Red Rock to the 8-second bell. In the previous 8 years, 312 cowboys had tried unsuccessfully to ride the rodeo circuit’s toughest bull.

PBR Bull Rider || I LOVE going to Seneca n watching the bull riding!!! I myself actually want to try riding someday!!! :D


Professional bull rider (2004 World Champion) Mike Lee. Aside from being a great bull rider, Mike is a dedicated Christian. Every time he gets off the back of a bull, buck-off or qualified ride, he always kneels down and says a little prayer. He's an awesome role model for many reasons, but being a Godly man is the biggest reason. And, he wears some of the coolest hats That green hat was awesome, I don't care what anybody says. The blue one he's wearing now is pretty cool, too!