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Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca Pudding Recipe Instead of endless stirring, I soaked the tapioca in milk overnight. I also don't think folding the egg whites in the end added anything to this except for making it more runny. Don't add the egg whites.


Yoghurt panna cotta - easy to prepare, delicious and flavorful dessert with caramelized quince (Text in Bulgarian with translator)


(Еклери) Eclairs (Bulgarian) _ Eclairs in many bakeries favorite dessert can be found in any store. Loved for its crispy crust or because ekleroviya cream eclairs are fresh desserts and cakes in the windows. Easily found in the nearby pastry shop, but just as easily we can prepare at home. recipe for eclairs home is affordable and easy recipe which can handle even a novice in the kitchen! Follow the simple steps of the recipe for eclairs will prepare delicious homemade eclairs.

No bake healthier version of those lovely little chocolate rocks. (in Bulgarian)


A Taste of Bulgaria: Bavlaka Recipe

Baklava Recipe. A Bulgarian dessert (walnut pie)