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Bulgarian Desserts

from BBC Food

Old rag pie

In Greece, there are two variants of this filo cheese pie, one sweet, one savoury, but this version merges the two, adding honey to salty feta, to create what Nigella Lawson best describes (in taste terms) as a Greek cheesecake.


Bulgarian Honey-Spice Cookies - Medenki.


This one is yet another Bulgarian classic and it’s amongst the most popular traditional Bulgarian recipes. Almost every home has their own version, using their own set of herbs and spices. The name could be translated as meatballs alla Chirpan, indicating the recipe comes from the southern Bulgarian town Chirpan. The region around Continue reading Kyufteta po Chirpanski – Meatballs in rich tomato sauce


Mekitsi- traditional Bulgarian breakfast made of kneaded dough made with yogurt that is deep fried. {in Bulgarian with translator}

from A Strong Coffee

A Taste of Bulgaria: Bavlaka Recipe

Baklava Recipe. A Bulgarian dessert (walnut pie)

Banitsa is a traditional Bulgarian recipe that consists of eggs and cheese between filo pastry sheets formed in a spiral before baking.