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George Clarence Moran (August 21, 1891 – February 25, 1957), better known as Bugs Moran, was a Chicago Prohibition-era gangster. He moved to the north side of Chicago when he was 19, where he became affiliated with several gangs. He was incarcerated three times before turning 21. On February 14, 1929, in an event that has become known as the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, seven members of his gang were gunned down in a warehouse, supposedly on the orders of Moran's rival Al Capone.


Bugs Moran, actually French Canadian! This is a great book. Moran took advantage of the bootlegging easy money then returned to thieving after Prohibition ended

George Clarence Moran Bugs Moran Born Adelard Cunin August 21, 1891 St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S. Died February 25, 1957 (aged 65) Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas, U.S. Other names Bugs Moran Occupation Gangster, bootlegger Criminal charge Bank robbery Criminal penalty 10 years Criminal status Deceased Allegiance North Side Gang

In severe decline from syphilis he had contracted when he was a much younger man, by 1946, he was reduced to the mentality of a 12-year-old child, according to his doctor, and would rant about Bugs Moran, Communists and immigrants. He had a stroke on January 21, 1947, and died from cardiac arrest four days later.


Al Capone was a Famous American Gangster noted for smuggling, bootlegging and prostitution rings. He was in competition with Bugs Moran and rumored to have ordered the St. Valentines Day Massacre.