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WOW!!! - Bubblegum #weed #cannabis #marijuana


I don't smoke, but if I did...


Another Weed Crusader — andthesorcerersstoned: Bubblegum kush w/ hash

Sweet Bubblegum Kush! A delightful indica. Relaxing, functional, not sedating. Popular for anxiety.


And you thought English Muffins were the only things that had nooks and crannies. Check out the unique structure of this Sweet Bubblegum Kush bud. Really pretty, and a tasty indica too.


GRAPE BUBBLEGUM KUSH Proudly Grown By Green Shield Farms Indica Dominant Hybrid [80/20] Genetics: Afghani Mother x DJ Shorts Blueberry, Also Black Domino Green Shield Medical Marijuana Delivery Los Angeles I I 1-800-2inhale


Monday deals at PSHA!!!! Bubblegum Kush is the strain of the day which is 80% Indica, creates a very relaxing high!!! Today is Medible Monday!!! Get a FREE Cupcake with every $50 purchase!!!! Stay medicated and have a good start to your week!!!!