Bts jungkook age

I dont know what it is, this uniform he has on and even in "Just One Day" makes him look the cutest. I had the worst feels when seeing him in it. Seriously. Were the same age and your in Korea. Bbycomeback

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Awww good look must run in the family X3 too bad he's so young... *paedo smile*

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THEY HANDSOME DOE. To me, jimin looks younger for his age with or without make up xD

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“© coming of age | Do not edit.”

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sup im jungkook or some people call me kookie... im new here i used to live in korea but i moved here with my cousin... im a not and really dont know anyone so id appreciate if someone would come say hi

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Still can't believe the fact that this dude is my age... And I thought the guys in my generation sucked!

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Jungkook awww... are his ears stretched or are those fake? If their real then...that's fcking hot.

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