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Just because s/he smiles, doesn't mean it's real. Sadly, this tends to be the face of abuse #abuse #thefaceofabuse

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"Oh god... W-what have I done. I..I didn't mean to go this far. But I couldn't stop myself. I'm so so sorry," Eli says to the lifeless body laying several feet in front of him. (This is after Eli agrees to the terms of the organization that helped him take down James and the organization does something to Eli that makes it hard to control himself)

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Faeries have blood like liquid gold, so when they bruise, it looks like they are perfect Greek statues dusted in gold leaf. Of course, that does mean there are the cruel few who take pleasure in hurting them just to see the beauty. The fairies are wise in that they have come to know through experience that everything has two sides; beauty, after all, has caused them pain.

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It's true. This is a sport and we mean business. Don't judge us okay! I don't judge soccer or basketball. You bruise your knee. We break our arms. So love us or back off! Okay? Good

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Open with luke) I don't know why they were beating me I mean I did nothing. I was bleeding all over and didn't know what to do. After they finished whipping and hurting me. I curl up in a ball having nothing else to do. I was in so much pain. I started to cry. I never asked for this no one here did. "Luke?" I hear you yell from somewhere. I look up to see...

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It took me a minute to figure out what this means then I realized it meant that failure doesn't stay with you your whole entire life.

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toska | Russian // Vladmir Nabokov: “No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody of something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui…

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"Why does she have so many band-aids on?" He asked. "She's a knife juggler," I replied. "A bad one I take it?" I gave him a curious look, "No, an excellent one. It's just--this carnival--it does things to people." "How do you mean?" "She made a mistake once in a show and the crowd cheered. Since that day she purposely messes up." @stripesocks49

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