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You'll Never Understand... But I am Glad You Don't Because That Would Mean You'd Have To Go Through My Pain And I'd Never Want That For You. #Infertility #PCOS #Miscarriage


I heard my suitcase being dropped on the snow. "Nothing of importance in there, boys," the leader announced. His men looked around at each other in confusion as to what to do next. "I'll make it easier for you guys," I rasped, "You. Got. The. Wrong. Man." Before I could explain further, I started hacking up blood. The leader finished for me, "That means we killed an innocent-" "Making us not innocent!" interrupted one of his not-so-bright men. "Does that matter?! We still need the…


" Blood will have blood" Meaning that the death ( blood) of one will lead to the death of another and your problem will never be solved.

from Mail Online

Bruised, tied up and caged: The desperate plight of starving orangutans forced into villages to look for food as their rainforest home is destroyed

STOP BUYING PALM OIL. Rain forests cover 60 per cent of Indonesia, but orangutans - which means man of the forest - have seen their habitat cut down at an alarming rate, often to fuel the need for space to grow palm oil crops. Many adult orangutans are killed by farmers in Indonesia and Borneo to prevent them eating crops as their natural food disappears, leaving helpless orphans to die in the wild.


pronunciation | \ “am-u-‘ran-THEn \ (am-uh-RAN-theen) #amaranthine, adjective, english, origin: latin, flowers, colors, purple, red, everlasting, beautiful, immortal, forever, eternity, pretty, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, A,


Faeries have blood like liquid gold, so when they bruise, it looks like they are perfect Greek statues dusted in gold leaf. Of course, that does mean there are the cruel few who take pleasure in hurting them just to see the beauty. The fairies are wise in that they have come to know through experience that everything has two sides; beauty, after all, has caused them pain.