bruce lee and his teadcher Yip Man | Best wishes on the success of your book "Path to Wing Chun

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martial arts come from oppressed people who were prohibited from using weapons and possessing tools (by political, military or religious decree), to prevent rebellion/assassination attempts against the king-emperor-high priest oppressor. Forced to use their minds and find new ways to protect themselves, the people created and mastered the art of fighting without conventional weapons by using their complete bodymind. See also Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do.

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The 36th Blogger of Shaolin. A rare photo of Bruce Lee doing monkey kung fu on the set of “Enter the Dragon”.

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Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris #icons

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Bruce Lee Workout. Definitely a good training regime to prep for my next testing. Just did day 1 plus 80 crunches and I'm sweating!! Definitely great for accuracy and power focus. Later dates with the higher reps will be good for speed practice. It'll be like working my way through the ranks again!

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(Bruce Lee RIP) what great actors Brue an his son was Linda Lee wife, Shannon Lee daughter (Brandon Lee. son RIP)

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