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Iker wants to pucker up...again!

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I really love the colour of her hair. I'm naturally drawn to darker hair but I'm super low maintenance so I don't do fading well or bad roots lol!

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MAC 34 Lash

Is this a pretty girl with freckles? Yes. Does she have green eyes? Yes! Brown hair? Yes!! Thank you. Finally.

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8 Stylish And Trendy Long Hairstyles For School Girls

My name is Willow Mellark. I'm the daughter the of Katniss and Peeta. I'm 16 years old. I'm skilled with a bow and arrow. My mother taught me to hunt. I'm very close with my mother but late at night I used to hear her sob. I once asked my father what happened but he told me to ignore it. Single... Introduce?

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15 Killer Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

What makeup shades flatter green eyes? We asked four celebrity makeup artists how to make emerald eyes sparkle

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grey and brown shadow, gentle cat eye: i love the combo of her light green eyes, her tanish skin, and dark brown hair. Gorgeous!

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