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That's why I always carry around a bag full of ibuprofen and tampons with pads because I know people need it, and I don't really care if the school finds out im carrying around that shit because blood sisters trumps everything else


Professor McGonagall: "Sirius Black did what?" Madame Pomfrey: "I woudln't let him see Mr. Lupin as he was still resting from last night. I told him that unless he was injured he was not allowed to stay.. so he punched himself in the face and told me he was injured." Professor Dumbledore: "Well... you have to admire his dedication."


Help Me. - //an

This is so powerful because she looks so horrified of what she's done to herself and I constantly feel the same way.


07-ghost,Akikan!,Amatsuki,Angelic Layer,Ao no Exorcist,Battle Sprirts,Black Blood Brothers,Busou Renkin,Cluster Edge,CODE GEASS:Hangayku no Lelouch,D.Gray-man,Deadman Wonderland,Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu By Jun Fukuyama


Bloodstock Festival 2012 According To Fox: Part 3 - Saturday - and an Evile Scarecorw with a visible huge penis..uh oh

Prison Break - Michael & Lincoln. They may not be blood related but they are the strongest of brothers in every single way.