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R. John Wright Dolls - Hunca Munca™ Mohair, 3" tall, jointed arms and neck, glass pupil eyes; resin hands/feet; leather tail; custom printed dress w/apron; custom made broom and dustpan. Date of Release: 2007 Limited Edition: 500.


Eva Solo "SweepUp" Broom and Dustpan Set

from Sense & Sensibility Patterns

House Servants Photograph

Here is a rare look at a group of house servants, circa 1880-90. Each gal is holding something to do with her occupation. On the far left is a cleaning maid with her broom and dustpan. Next is a young girl holding what looks like a cup and saucer. In the center is a lovely cook with her rolling pin and bakery pans. Next is a very young girl holding either a pudding or small cake. Finally, we see a girl holding a rather mysterious object (a shoe? a sugarloaf?). Fascinating!

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Home-X Broom and Dustpan Set

Save your back with our floor care combo. Both the broom and the dustpan are…


Paris Fashion Week: Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010

Viktor and Rolf


Tintype Witches (almost), 1875

Since the first woman holds a dustpan and brush it seems likely that the fourth woman is holding a broom for cleaning purposes. But, if so, WTHeck is going on with the dead bird?! It is all very confusing. (To say nothing of the fact that if these girls could step out of this tintype would look perfectly at home at a goth bar. In fact they would knock the torn fishnets off some of the competition.)


ahhhh...organization. Im gowing to make certain that there are outlets in my broom closet so I can charge my swiffers

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Community Post: 20 Odd Inventions That Might Secretly Be Awesome

Broom and Dustpan Slippers. You'll never have to bend over again. Prevents achy backs or are they totally pointless?


Beatrix Potter illustration Hunca Munca comes with her dust pan and her broom to sweep the Dollie's house


you can buy anything hello kitty.. anything