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Bronchitis Treatment

For this treatment does not exist age limit, it is very effective for adults but also for young children.


‘Brahmi’ or ‘Indian pennywort’ is the small creeping herb with numerous branches. Brahmi is used for the treatment of bronchitis, chronic cough, asthma, hoarseness, arthritis, backache, blood cleanser, hair loss, fever, mental and physical fatigue. It stimulates the growth of skin, hair and nails. Brahmi is rich in Vitamin C and can be used in salads, soups and sandwiches. To treat dandruff, apply the juice of Brahmi leaves onto the scalp. Keep it for 30 minutes and then take a bath.

Thyme contains an essential oil that is rich with powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, & strong antioxidant properties. It is used in mouthwashes to treat inflammation of the mouth & throat infections. Thyme possesses expectorant & antispasmodic properties, making it useful in the treatment of bronchitis, whooping cough & inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.


The benefits of bitter melon are attributed to its array of vitamins & minerals such as Vitamin A, B1, C, B2, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, copper & phosphorus. It provides 140% of RDI of Vitamin C. Bitter melon contains polypeptide-P & charantin, compounds thought to be responsible for reduction of blood sugar levels in the treatment of type-2 diabetes. It also helps in healing liver problems & liver regeneration. 2 oz of fresh juice with a cup of honey diluted improve asthma…