Bacon Wrapped, Mozzarella Pesto Stuffed Chicken | from #easydinner #dinner

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My almost daily pregnancy craving! These are jalapenos stuffed with Port Salut, wrapped in applewood smoked uncured bacon and broiled until amazing.

It's a wonderfully fast and fuss-free method of cooking -- here's what you need to know to best broil a chicken breast.

Broiling Bacon allows the grease to drip off of the bacon, you'll consume fewer calories and far less fat. Step 1: Place your oven rack three inches from the heat source and Preheat broiler. Step 2:Place the bacon on a rack in your broiler pan. Don't let the bacon slices touch or the fat in the meat will cause the strips to stick together. Step 3:Place the broiler pan in your oven. Set a timer for two minutes. Flip the bacon slices over. Return rack and broil for another min. or two.

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