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British Guiana 1938 King George VI SG 313 Kaieteur Falls Fine Used

British Guiana 1938 King George VI SG 313 Kaieteur Falls Fine Used SG 313 Scott 233a Perf 12 5 Other Commonwealth Stamps for sale Here


Rounders.....i was horrible at it so the teacher would put me so far away in the field that i'd sit around picking daisies and examining hedgerows for time i even got forgotten when the game ended and the class left without me.....bastards!


Ken 'Snakehips' Johnson - He was killed in March 1941 in the London Blitz while performing with his band, The West Indian Orchestra. Johnson, came to Britain from Guyana at age fifteen and was on his way to changing the British music industry. He was well-established throughout the UK due to his regular appearances on BBC radio and was famous when he died at age 26.


Cy Grant, musician, author, artist joined the RAF in 1943. Shot down over Holland, he was incarcerated in a German POW camp and escaped to Brussels in 1945. Click for his memorable story… “I came to Britain from Guyana (then British Guiana) in 1941 to join the Royal Air Force. Just one year before, no 'man of colour' would have been allowed to join; but crises change attitudes and... in 1953 I was actually commissioned, becoming one of the very few black Officers in the RAF..."


Empire war workers in Britain : a volunteer from British Guiana. - WWII propaganda photo, Great Britain (UK), women war workers, Guyana


Percy Verwayne as Sporting Life in Porgy and Bess, 1927 What eyes! "Dapper" and "smoldering" in the same pose.