Princess Margaret with Group Capt. Peter Townsend, the divorced war hero forced by the royal family and the British Government to end his love affair with her in 1955.

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#10 Downing Street Prime Minister's official residence

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Ah! Reilly taught me this a while ago! "Not with that attitude" works not for everything, but some things. You're welcome Kit.

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Statue in memorial to Alan Turing, Sackville Gardens, Manchester, England, United Kingdom, 2011, photograph by Ian Rhodes. Turing, a mathematician and logician, was considered by Churchill to have made the single greatest contribution to the war effort against the Nazis through his code breaking work. He was prosecuted for homosexuality in 1952, chemically castrated, and subsequently committed suicide at age 42, an action the British government would not apologise for until 2009.

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Wow I had no idea, how cool....Original Keep Calm and Carry On Poster from WWII. Keep Calm and Carry On was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 several months before the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the aftermath of widely predicted mass air attacks on major cities. Rediscovered in year 2000.

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The 4th Earl of Carnarvon was the British Secretary of State for the Colonies under Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, who was premier from 1868 to 1880. At the time the British government wanted to expand the British Empire.

Mycroft is a whole different level of sass. Haha! Mycroft has officially turned into his teenage self once again! xD

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Of course he goes by Mycroft. No one would ever trust all the secrets of the free world with some guy named Mikey.

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During a march past of Indian troops, a woman pins flowers on to the tunic of one of the soldiers.

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