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British Army Boots

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VINTAGE OXBLOOD LEATHER lace up grunge BOOTS biker DMs army dark red purple 90s

Brutus’ slender cut tartan plaid shirt in oxblood and yellow colour check pattern w/ Dr Marten boot

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Queen attends Battle of the Somme vigil on centenary

A British soldier leads a horse laden with dozens of pairs of trench boots through thick mud as the British Army continues the Somme offensive

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Last survivor re-lives the horrors of Passchendaele



If you're wearing wellies the rest of your attire usually doesn't look like this - unles of course you are in a magazine!

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The nature and use of camouflage in World War One

World War I British Uniform: known for its green color, belt for supplies, and boots- all quite similar to that of the American uniforms.


WW2 Photo. British Paratrooper with a Thompson SMG. Wearing Steel Studded Hobnail Ammo Boots. We used these boots on/for parades because they made a cracking noise! But we used to slip and slide all over the place! How these men fought in them for so long, I will never know!


A British soldier standing against a background of thick grey clouds heavy with rain. He looks dejectedly down at the earth, his hands hanging loosely by his sides. He has an oilskin draped over his shoulders, a tin helmet on his head, and his gas mask hanging round his neck. He is covered with a layer of mud from head to toe; his hands as thickly encrusted as his boots, and his face the same pallid colour as the earth Royal Army Medical Corps Commission


First German U-boat near the Tower Bridge in 1918, when the German fleet surrendered to the English.


Battleships of the Royal Navy’s 3rd and 6th Battle Squadrons leaving Rosyth in line astern, circa 1916. Taken from HMS Queen Elizabeth.