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Brisk Walking

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How To Burn More Calories Walking Infographic

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.HOW TO MOVE FROM WALKING TO RUNNING: Walking is a wonderful way to begin building your fitness, but if you find that a brisk 30 minute walk is no longer pushing you, then perhaps it is time to start adding in some running intervals... #therunningbug #running #walking

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500 calorie burning treadmill workout

Who wouldn’t want to burn approximately 500 calories in a single workout? I sure do! This interval-incline treadmill workout is sure to get you sweating some serious sweat in no time. This workout has you running on four different incline at different speeds. The nice thing is it’s a mix of running and brisk walking so it’s good for all fitness levels. By rotating through different speeds and inclines, your heart rate will race, burning you approximately 100 calories every 10 {Read More...


10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Evening Walk

Is evening walk good for health? Walks, especially brisk ones, can have many positive effects on your health. And would you like to know what they are? Do give this post a read! #FITNESS

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Ingenious Walking Method To Burn Tons of Fat in 7 Weeks

By using this simple walking method you can burn tons of fat quickly without going on a diet. Add 10,000 steps to your day to lose 1 lb per week.....


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Are You Walking in the Fat-Burning Zone?

Brisk Walking


Exercises for Women Over 60

Aerobic activity ramps up your heart rate, burns fat and promotes cardiovascular health. If you haven't done so already, start with 30 minutes daily of any cardio exercise. Brisk walking, tennis, swimming, biking and dancing fit the bill. Strength training can help retain and maintain lost muscle, improve your metabolism and ward off obesity and diabetes. Low-impact strength training exercises with light dumbbells or ankle weights, including repetitive arm raises and side leg raises.


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Sexy Leg Workout