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The Copper River Sockeye Salmon arrive at our smoke house in Cordova, Alaska within 24 to 36 hours from the time they are caught. The fish are filleted by hand to ensure the highest quality possible, then put into our traditional curing brine, which gives it the delicious taste that our smoked salmon is famous for. The cured salmon is then smoked to perfection with natural Alderwood. Finally, the salmon is hand packed into a gold foil pouch and cooked in its natural Omega-3 oils. Simply…

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Spaghetti with hot-smoked salmon, rocket & capers

Spaghetti with hot-smoked salmon, rocket & capers (Take out the garlic and use WF pasta and breadcrumbs for low fodmap)


Smoked Salmon and Brine

This Smoked Salmon Brine recipe calls for sugar, salt, soy sauce, water, white wine and other spices to cover and sit overnight then air dry to create a

This Recipe for Maple Smoked Salmon is to die for! The Bradley Smoker allows precise timing and temperature control throughout the smoking process for excellent results. Check out our great selection of smokers at