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Alice has been made CEO (Cat Executive Officer) of MotionGrade!

Ziggy has a serious case of dinner plate eyes

My aunt's cat gave birth to two adorable kitten (X-post from aww)

No daddy! The flash too bright! Pepe tryin ta sleep...

Strokes received with gusto

My sister and her Sphinx cat Mic have such a strong bond.

Baby Growler was not a happy camper when we dropped her off this morning at the kitten hotel.

My friend's cat is suspicious of her newly adopted doppelgänger roommate. [X-Post from r/aww]

Kitten status: very sleepy after first taste of wet kitten food!

My friend is a Veterinarian and had this pup as a patient yesterday. This little guy needed two blood transfusions at only 6 weeks old. She decided to bring him home with her instead of sending him back to the shelter. Reddit, meet Sequoia. - more at