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After Years Of FCC Red Tape, The Potentially Life-Saving Breitling Emergency II Watch Arrives In US

After Years Of FCC Red Tape, The Potentially Life-Saving Breitling​ Emergency II Watch Arrives In US - see Ariel's piece on it over at Forbes​ "On July 1st, 2015, Breitling was finally given approval to sell one of their most innovative products here in the United States after several years of effort with various official agencies..." then see our hands-on & read more about it here:


Breitling introduced its Breitling Emergency watch — the first wristwatch with a built-in emergency microtransmitter — in 1995. Since then, the watch has been worn and used by many professional pilots and has played a role in numerous search-and-rescue missions. At Baselworld 2013, Breitling introduced another world-first with its Emergency II, the first watch with a dual frequency locator beacon.


Breitling Emergency II w/emergency transponder built in...finally a high end watch that's potentially with the extra cost. Two transponders built in meaning it broadcasts on two emergency radio frequencies, the old and new. This is the same technology downed aircraft use. Using both emergency systems allows rescuers to pinpoint your location to within yards using a cross fix.... This technology is quite literally a lifesaver.

The new Breitling Emergency II: A solution for Single-Handed Sailing and Man Over Board (MOB) ?

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Breitling New Emergency II Timepiece


Breitling Emergency II: My wife told me that at that price, if I crash somewhere,:"do not worry I will find you...or the need for the emergency signal"


A Breitling Emergency watch worn on the first ever round-the-world hot air balloon flight has sold at auction, with all proceeds going to charity.